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Founded in 2000, Malak Automation & Controls Inc. rapidly became a trusted source for custom controls and a world-wide leader in the Natural Gas compression industry.

Malak Automation researches, develops, designs and manufactures specialized control panels, PLC programs, HMI programs and SCADA programs to any clients’ specifications. We specialize in alternative fuel product controls, hazardous area wiring and electrical design. We have designed PLC based controls for CNG & LNG refueling stations large and small globally.

Although specializing in alternative fuel systems we have provided solutions for many other industries such as: agriculture, food industry, medical equipment, oil fracking equipment, pipe bending, asphalt industry, screen printing, and many others. We are proud to say that we have met every challenge that clients have presented, and have gained valuable experience from each. Our goal has been to provide the best product possible, and more importantly, to ensure that the client is pleased with the results.

We have had the great privilege of helping clients all over the world with custom panels, installation, consultation and training. Such experiences have proven to be both invaluable and rewarding not only in learning about global electrical codes, components and practices, but culturally as well. We have developed relationships and friendships with clients in countless countries and it is our ambition to continue to grow.

We are eager to expand our knowledge, and continue to supply the best service that we possibly can. In short, it gives us great satisfaction to complete a project, present it to the client, and know that they are extremely satisfied with the result.

Our Services

System & Panel Design/Assembly

Complete system design and integration, custom control panels, PLC enclosures & MCCs.

PLC/HMI/SCADA Programming

We have extensive PLC/HMI/SCADA programming experience. Our experience covers many brands such as Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Horner, Modicon, & Telemecanique.

Repairs & Service

Our many years of experience repairing countless types of industrial machines from printing presses to tower cranes gives us the ability to keep your equipment running.

Commissioning & Testing

Commissioning is no problem as we provide all the support, experience, training and documentation necessary to ensure your process is up and running smoothly in a timely fashion.

Drawings & Documentation

We provide full documentation such as; flowcharts, manuals, cut sheets, panel layouts, schematics, etc. as required.


We have provided training worldwide; everything from basic electrical theory to light PLC programming and troubleshooting. Each training session is tailored to the customer's exact needs, machinery and components.

A Few of Our Projects

CNG System Controls

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas Systems:

Research, design, programming, installation and service of new and existing natural gas compressing systems throughout the world. These systems require custom built control cabinets using state of the art, PLC based automation to safely monitor pressures & temperatures at un-manned stations. In some cases, remote monitoring (SCADA) of the stations via web or modem is required and supplied.

LNG System Controls

Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Natural Gas Systems:

Repair, replacement, upgrades and enhancements to new and existing LNG systems. We have worked with clients North America wide to repair or upgrade their LNG systems. Simple troubleshooting of a single component to complete upgrades of the entire control system is no problem, we can accommodate.

Agricultural Controls


Agricultural Systems:

Research, design, and fabrication of electrical control panels for various agricultural systems; including automated livestock feeding systems and automated tractor sprayer levelling systems. We also have experience with troubleshooting, repair and/or upgrading of existing systems.

Food Industry

Electrical Panel

Automation of food handling machinery:

Service of food manufacturing and handling machinery sometimes requires thinking out of the box to get the food in the box. We have worked closely with manufactures to upgrade and in some cases create machines to process the food and treats that we all love.

Medical Equipment

Massage Bed

Automatic medical beds and equipment:

Full service and repair of medical equipment such as therapeutic beds/tables. Raising and lowering of these units is just one of the automated functions that sometimes needs attention. We can evaluate the issue on site and after giving a report will work with the customer to determine the best solution. Often we can repair the unit that day or order parts to get them back up and running asap.

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